the importance of maps

The importance of maps: Finding your way without electronic help

July 6, 2016 0 Comments

The importance of Maps!

We’ve all grown up using maps; or a version of them via GPS. We know how vital they are when we’re not sure of where we are going! We know how important they are when we are lost also! Well, if the breakdown of society every happens (or when it happens) will you be able to find your way without the convenience of electronics?

We’ve found some incredible, yet simple, maps on amazon that are easy to use and great for prepping. I hate using that word; prepping. But there isn’t a better word that notates having a plan of action when things go bad. Knowing how to navigate is crucial. Being able to figure out where you are and where you need to be is a vital part of survival.

The maps are about $8.00 per state. That’s two cups of Starbucks! The thing we LOVE about these Rand McNally maps is that they’re already laminated! They come laminated and easily foldable. The lamination is also vital when we use our dry erase markers to trace our route.

It’s always good to have a plan! We got a few different maps with our last order. We wanted options if we needed to hit the road in a hurry so we went with each state that touches our own. In our, Bug-out-bag is also a big, spiral atlas that encompasses those states that are beyond the ring of states.

Investing in good maps is critical to survival and preparedness.

Investing in good maps is critical to survival and preparedness.

I highly recommend that you jump on amazon and get some maps of your area! They can be the difference between being gridlocked on a highway with all the other sheeple or flying down a back dirt road and fleeing to safety! This can give you a huge advantage against others in finding your way to safety quickly.

with the laminated option you have the ability to circle landmarks and trace your route.

with the laminated option, you have the ability to circle landmarks and trace your route.

Here are some links to the maps that we found on Amazon!
Rand McNally Easy to Fold: Colorado (Laminated) (Easyfinder S)

Rand McNally Easy To Fold: Kansas, Nebraska (Laminated) (Easyfinder Maps)

Rand McNally Easy To Fold: Nevada, Utah (Laminated) (Easyfinder S)

Rand McNally Easy To Fold: Montana, Wyoming (Laminated) (Rand McNally Easyfinder)
What maps do you need for your area?



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