Welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by Mil-Spec Mom. My name is Nila and I am a wife, mother, and firearms instructor! My husband and I teach men and women from all walks of life how to better defend themselves and their families.

I started Mil-Spec Mom to show others that self-defense and self-protection doesn’t have to be scary. Roughly 90% of self-defense and self-protection is mindset and it’s vital to have the right mindset.

In my blog, you will also find topics such as parenting, marriage, finances, and the military as it is such a big part of our lives! My husband has been in the Army for almost 20 years now. He also was a civilian contractor with the Department of State for several years. We have two hilarious little blonde boys and a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog we call Princess Luke.

I hope you’ll learn something new today as you read through my posts and get to know my family. Please find me on Facebook and Instagram! I am honored that you stopped by.