The OODA Loop

Mil-Spec Mom Vlog: Mindset part 3- The OODA Loop

June 8, 2016 0 Comments

The OODA Loop

Hi Folks! This is the last in the mindset series. We’re talking about the OODA Loop! The  decision cyclone if you will:


We’re talking about how to disrupt bad-guys OODA loop’s so we can keep the upper hand in confrontations. This is a basic mindset skill that is non-lethal, yet very effective. Please take a peek at the video below and let me know what you think! Forgive my poor posture! I was sitting on the floor in my basement! Sometimes mama’s have to do weird things to get a few minutes of quiet time ;)The OODA loop is vital to understanding mindset and how the brain works! Like I’ve said many times, the mindset is so vital to the self-defense and self-protection unit. Roughly 80% of self-protection is how you see the world around you.

The OODA Loop is something that we already do. Especially as parents! It is built into our structure as a human. The more we know about how our minds work and how this training aid works, the better we can hone this skill and turn it into our greatest asset. The more we know about our environment, simply by paying attention, the greater our chances will be of finding a way home in one piece.



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