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Mil-Spec Mom Vlog: Mindset Part 2- Jeff Cooper’s Color Codes

June 4, 2016 0 Comments

Hey guys! This is the next vlog on mindset and how important it is in our everyday life. I hope you’ll learn something by watching this and be able to better articulate any situations you might find yourself in! Pay attention and keep training! Add more chapters to your brain book! One way we can do this is by learning about Jeff Cooper’s Color codes.

With each new thing that you learn, you add a chapter to your brain! The more chapters your brain has the more well rounded your mindset is. Never stop trying to learn new things! Below is the video on the Color codes and there’s a graphic below to help you understand the levels of mental escalation.

As I say often, the mindset is everything.

Jeff Cooper's Color Codes

Jeff Cooper’s Color Codes.




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