the importance of proper mindset

Vlog: The Importance Of Proper Mindset

May 30, 2016 0 Comments

Hey folks! This is my first VLOG! We’re talking about the importance of proper mindset and why it’s so critical to see the world around us clearly. Mindset is nearly everything. It affects how we drive, how we sit at restaurants, how and when we walk to our vehicle. The more aware we are, with the proper mindset, the more our chances of not having to use our firearm rise. We will be able to see situations escalate and be able to leave before it gets to the point where we have no choice but to employ our firearm. There are options. Awareness is definitely one of them. The rubric we use in our courses is that mindset is 80% of self-defense, the use and technique of a firearm is the last 20%.

Forgive the silly look on my face at the beginning lol. This is new to me! I hope you learn something from this and that you implement this self-defense mindset so you can be safe regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

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Mil-Spec Mom

Nila is an Army Wife, mother of two boys, and a firearms instructor. She is currently pursuing a double masters in Homeland Security & Emergency Disaster Management, while trying to balance the daily life of being a SAHM/WAHM. She loves ice cream and learning about self-defense as a mother. For more info please click the "About Mil-Spec Mom" tab at the top.