Media Kit: Updated April 2020

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About Nila:

Nila is a wife to an Army Paratrooper, mother to two beautiful blond boys and an adorable little girl, firearms instructor, graduate student, and lover of ice cream. She loves blogging and sharing her knowledge with other parents! She was born and raised in Alaska where guns are considered tools of everyday life. She got into tactical shooting and self-defense during her husband’s deployments. She has hundreds of hours of tactical training and constantly looks for opportunities to improve and fine-tune her skills.

About Mil-Spec Mom:

Mil-Spec Mom was started in 2014 as an outlet for Nila to share the information she was receiving from many companies who employ Navy SEALS, Army firearms instructors, Law Enforcement instructors, Private Contractor Firearm instructors, and all-around ninja operators. Her goal is to take the information she learns and translate it into something practical that all parents can use to protect themselves and protect their families.

Professional Affiliations:

Long’s Shadow Holster Inc.


Recoil: Off-Grid

Modern Combat & Survival

The Military Wife & Mom

      Civil Defense Radio

Product Review Opportunities:

Nila is an accomplished tactician and takes all the information she gathers as a student and distributes and translates that through her blog! Nila loves to experiment with and find new applications for tactical equipment using the filters of practicality for parents and the everyday individual. If you’re interested in Nila giving an honest review of your firearm related product please email her at: