it is finished thoughts on Easter

it is finished

March 29, 2016 0 Comments

it is finished, thoughts on Easter.

It is finished, thoughts on Easter. With Easter just passing, I’ve seen tons of the quintessential Facebook graphics with cutesy sayings regarding the Lord’s resurrection. While many boast Easter bunnies, glitter eggs, and enough Easter grass to last a life time there are a few that boast sayings like:

“The tomb is empty!” They say.
“The stone was rolled away!” They say.
“He has risen! He has risen indeed!” They say.

But think of the last 3 words that Christ said, before His death.

“IT IS FINISHED.” John 19:30

Dwell on the finality of that statement for a moment. It’s done. My sin was paid for at that moment. The potential for righteousness of mankind was procured in that moment. The prophecy came true and my sins were vanquished.

When His heart stopped beating, my soul was able to live forever.

When His heart STOPPED beating, my soul was able to LIVE forever.

I was able to live, when He died.

“Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin.” Hebrews 9:22

My sins could not be forgiven without the shedding of His blood.

Jesus Christ took on all my sins, all OUR (humankind’s) sin to give us the ability to obtain eternal life. He took my sins. He paid my way. With His life, He paid my way.

So yes, it is finished. It was finished. My sins are washed away. I am free. But my Savior didn’t stay dead. Up from the grave, He arose. He conquered death so I could live eternally. He arose victorious from the grave to which He lovingly and willingly went. So that this chief among sinners could love a glorified, righteous life with my Savior.


Happy Easter Everyone,



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