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How to have the Proper Firing Stance

August 26, 2016 0 Comments

How to have the Proper Firing Stance:

You might be thinking “why do I need to know how to have the proper firing stance?”. Theoretically, you may be right to ask that question. If you have to defend yourself with your firearm are you going to make sure you’re in the perfect stance starting with your feet, then knees, then hips, leaning forward, squared up to your threat? Absolutely not. You may have a horrible stance at that moment in which all your thinking of is going home to your family.

BUT! The more we practice the correct, stable stance at the range the more our “muscle memory” will take over when we’re in that critical moment of self-defense. Our brain is a powerful thing and it likes remembering things. So, let’s use our brain the way its intended and the way it likes!

We use this stance because it’s very stable. If someone bumps into you, you won’t be on your rear. You’ll be able to take that impact and still get accurate rounds on target. We teach this stance because it’s also the most comfortable when you’re shooting for long periods of time. Feel free to comment with questions!



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