Top 3 survival uses for Hand Sanitizer

March 13, 2017 0 Comments

Top survival uses for Hand Sanitizer:

Today’s post is about the usefulness of hand sanitizer other than just sanitizing one’s hands. Sanitizer has many wonderfully useful properties Like my recent post like about petroleum jelly, hand sanitizer is a small, but a powerful product to have on hand in your EDC or bug-out-back.

First, hand sanitizer is great for sanitizing. Seems obvious, right? Well, not only does it sanitize hands, but it can also sanitize wounds. After you sanitize the wound you can put a layer of petroleum jelly to create that protective barrier to keep bacteria and debris out. If you’re out in the woods or traveling on foot, it can be difficult to keep wounds clean. Hand sanitizer is great for this while not taking up too much space.

Second, hand sanitizer is great for sanitizing objects. Again, seems obvious, right? Think about a camping situation or a survival situation. There may be little to no running water, much less clean water. A pea size amount of hand sanitizer can enhance the cleanliness of your utensils, the mouth of your water bottle, and your pocket knife.

Third, hand sanitizer is very flammable. Just like the petroleum jelly, it is great to start fires with! By adding a small amount of sanitizer to a piece of cloth, cotton ball or swab, or some small sticks can greatly aid in starting a fire quickly. To make an on-the-go fire starter grab two cotton balls, add a dab of hand sanitizer to each and put one cotton ball on each side of a contact lens case.

You see, fire is vital when you’re out in the elements. A shelter is equally as vital in a survival situation. It’s important to find or make these two aspects of survival quickly if you’re going to be spending the night outdoors. It’s all about having a plan that you’re not afraid to carry out.

I hope this opens your eyes to see that “prepping” or being smart about survival doesn’t have to be real complicated. You just have to be smart about your choices!



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