I don't need a holster if I carry in my purse

Fears & Myths Dispelled: I don’t need a holster if I carry in my purse.

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I don’t need a holster if I carry in my purse:

In this series, I am continuing to dispel common fears and myths that some ladies have about owning a firearm and carrying concealed. So many ladies that I instruct are SCARED of this tool. So as we continue this series on common firearm fears and myths keep an open mind. First, let’s recap the list:

  1. “I don’t want to have it in the house; I have kids here.”
  2.   I don’t need a holster if I carry in my purse.
  3. “I plan on carrying a revolver because they’re small.”
  4. “I carry a .22 because I am faster and more people are killed by a .22 than any other caliber statistically.” / “I thought anything bigger than a .22 caliber would be too hard to shoot.”
  5. “I got it because it’s cute.”
  6. “I don’t know anything about guns.”
  7. “I don’t keep the gun loaded in the house.”
  8. “My husband carries so I don’t need too.”
  9. “I just went with what the guy at the gun store suggested.”
  10. “My boobs are too big; they get in the way of shooting.” (seriously, one of my clients actually said this.)

Today we’re covering: I don’t need a holster if I carry in my purse.

Oh Ladies, let me say that this can be effective and dangerous at the same time. You may be thinking, I don’t need a holster if I carry in my purse, but you’re mistaken, my friend. First of all, if you’re going to carry in your purse you MUST have a dedicated pocket. A pocket where nothing else lives except your firearm and maybe a spare magazine. I know most concealed carry purses are not always the cutest. There’s so much bedazzling and big shiny crosses that it makes it difficult for me to carry because I just don’t think they’re cute. Second, most carry purses have a vertical zipper on the outside. Any purse with a vertical zipper just screams “I HAVE A GUN IN HERE”, to me. Because seriously, who is going put tampons, chap stick or lip gloss in a compartment with a vertical zipper. There are a few advantages however, but they don’t always outweigh the disadvantages. I got my purse at Target. It’s not a carry purse, but it does have a dedicated pocket!


Most concealed carry purses come with a “foam formed” fabric holster that velcro’s into the compartment. Also, most compartments are accessible from both sides so that it can be accessed by a right handed or left handed shooter. One issue I take with some carry purses out there is that they have a vertical zipper with a lock and key! This isn’t a normal size key however, it’s a tiny key that fits into a tiny lock. It’s like trying to play the game Operation, with your hands! If I’m stressed out, muddy, bloody, shaking because I’m scared, how on earth am I going to open that compartment to access my firearm? Short answer, I’m not. It’s not quick, it’s not easy and it’s definitely something that needs to be taken into consideration.

Now I carry in my purse from time to time; especially on Sunday’s when I prefer to wear dresses. However, It’s not my favorite method of carry, for a few different reasons. First being that I don’t like to carry my purse everywhere. There are times, if I need to run into the store for milk, I just take my phone, wallet and keys. It’s much more efficient, not to mention ergonomical, to carry on my waist line.  It’s always with me! I don’t have to worry about someone (my kids) getting into my purse, I don’t have to worry about purse thieves (any more than normal), mobility, having to make sure I always have my hands on my purse or having to figure out what to do with it if I need to draw my firearm. One thing I do like about having a dedicated pocket for my firearm is that my “In the waist band” holster can fit right in there. This makes transitioning from purse carry to waist line carry so easy!

The dedicated center pocket that has a secure closure

The dedicated center pocket that has a secure closure

The thing about not having a good, hard, kydex holster is the protection of the firearm. If your gun is in a random pocket of your purse without anything protecting the trigger well you greatly increase your chances of a negligent discharge (the gun going off because you’re not doing something right). We want that trigger well to be protected. We need it to be protected by more than a cheap piece of fabric! The hard kydex holsters are the key to making purse carry work well.

my IWB (in the waist band) holster fits in there perfectly and can transition to my waist line within seconds.

my IWB (in the waist band) holster fits in there perfectly and can transition to my waist line within seconds.

What if I’m walking backward while backing away from a threat? How about a fall? What if my purse goes flying away? All those things hinder me from being able to quickly employ my firearm. It’s just more practical and tactical to carry your firearm on your waist line.

Like I said, there are some advantages to a purse carry. As female’s, no one looks twice when we have a bag slung over our shoulder. We can be very unassuming with an unassuming handbag. We also have the option to carry extra equipment in our purse, like a spare magazine. I don’t carry a spare magazine on my waist line because I can’t conceal it without a drastic change to my wardrobe. I would love to go spend a few thousand dollars on new clothes that better fit the concealed carry life style better, but my budget wouldn’t be too happy about that. The purse I use is from target. It has a dedicated center pocket that zips. It doesn’t look like I carry a firearm in it, it just looks like a normal purse!

Whatever method you decide to use to carry a firearm you must train for that method. If you want to purse carry 100% of the time, that’s awesome! Just train on how to get your firearm out of your purse quickly and efficiently. Training and mindset are the keys to protecting your family and carrying concealed.  Make sure that you’re not only practicing getting your firearm in and out of your purse quickly. Practice makes habits, not perfection.




I highly recommend two different brands of hard kydex holsters.

  1. lsholster.com He’s a navy vet that makes awesome products. I use his Antero model.
  2. haleystrategic.com He’s also a veteran. His Incog holster is a very good product.

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