Devotional time for kids! Age appropriate Biblical principles.

March 30, 2016 0 Comments

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It’s pretty common knowledge that if you want your kids to turn out good that you teach them to be good.

There are thousands, if not millions, of parenting books that tell you to spend time with your kids. They tell us to really connect with them and teach them values, morals, and principles that will make them productive, contributing members of society.

As a believer, I read the Bible to our children. However, there are times that I am at a loss for how to break down the practical application for them, on their level.

I was randomly scrolling through Facebook one lovely afternoon and came across a post from Candace Cameron Burr. You know, the chick who used to play DJ Tanner from Full House. She was featuring a devotional book for kids from the Duck Commander Company. Now I love me some Duck Dynasty. They’re hilarious, clean and GODLY! Such a refreshing change from what normally is on television. But I digress.

I ordered their kids devotional in hopes that it would allow my husband and me to open those lines of communications with our 6-year-old. Well, it did just that. Not only does my son look forward to “devo time”, but we look forward to it too! Things are written so simply, but it doesn’t take away the message of the Scripture. The principles, doctrine, and morals are on HIS level! He especially loves the “Duck Commander in Action” portion of the sections. My kindergartener is an extremely kinesthetic learner, so when the Action portion tells him to draw a picture or tell a story or try something else, he races off to do it!

Devotional time to kids

Devotional time to kids

Devotional time to kids

Be Generous to Others

Devotional time to kids

There’s nothing more exciting as parents than to see your children get excited about learning about anything, much less the Bible. This devotional book has spurred some very big questions from our little guy and has got his wheels turning in a way they haven’t before.

I highly recommend you get this devotional for your children and try it out. We’ve loved having this special time with our children and look forward to continuing it for a long time to come!

It makes us Happy Happy Happy!

Check out the devotional here: Duck Commander Devotions for Kids

We also got an age appropriate Bible and Bible case. Check them out below:
NKJV, Adventure Bible, With Iguana

Adventure Bible Cover Blue

I truly hope you enjoy this book as much as we do. It’s fabulous for kids 4-8!



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