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Concealed Carry and still dressing cute

August 28, 2016 0 Comments

Concealed Carry:

It doesn’t mean that I have to wear parka’s all year around or even jackets for that matter. It also doesn’t mean any hoodies, flannel shirts or anything that resembles a potato sack. It can be much easier than you think if you’re willing to do the work and possibly change how to move in public.

What it really boils down to is having the right equipment and knowing how your body works. In the photos below I dressed up for “date night”. I don’t wear that type of clothing (all fancy) often. I’m a ‘jeans and hoodie’ kind of girl; I like being casual, but cute at the same time.

The clothing doesn’t need to be purchased at a high-end shop and it certainly doesn’t need to be tailored. It just needs to fit YOUR BODY well.

Green Top: Target
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Walmart

I don’t shop at places that are real expensive. I like quality, but sometimes you just find something that’s cute AND cheap (SCORE!) and you just have to have it, regardless of how long it lasts.

So ladies, I wanted to show you that dressing normal and cute can facilitate carrying concealed very easily.

The pants I’m wearing in this photo shoot are a one size larger than I wear. How, you can see in the photo’s that they’re not super baggy on me, they’re just comfortable. If you know Old Navy Jeans you know they stretch a bit also so they’re even comfier after a few days.

The key to concealing well is a good, sturdy belt. High Threat Concealment and Galco make good leather ones that looks like dress belts. Any thick, leather belt will do the job. The belt keeps the firearm and holster from flopping around while you’re going about your day. It also keeps your firearm and holster from flopping around when you use the bathroom too!

Take a peak at the pictures below! Please feel free to comment with any questions!


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