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Did I just find a cute & functional concealed carry purse?!

October 23, 2016 0 Comments

A cute and functional concealed carry purse:

The allusive concealed carry purse. Ok ladies, so you know how I feel about concealed carry purses. Many of them are gaudy with tooled leather and rhinestones. They’re so flashy and flamboyant that they scream “I HAVE A GUN THAT I’M TRYING TO HIDE!” Some can be cute-ish, but as a whole, they’re just not what the normal public carries and this is one of those times that blending in, being the gray man, is a needed element.

We were vendors at a gun show this weekend and ran across another vendor selling MICHE purses. I will be the first to say that I’m not an accessory girl. I don’t swoon over shoes, I don’t fawn over purses, and jewelry doesn’t do it for me either. Most of the time I don’t wear my wedding ring; unless I’m going to church. But, I saw that these purses were concealed carry purses so naturally, I investigate to see just how much I hated them. Truly, I wanted to hate them because many concealed carry purses have vertical zippers. Whoever thought this was a good way to design a purse is INSANE. Seriously, what woman puts anything in a pocket with a vertical zipper? I don’t want my tampons and 18 shades of lipstick falling out all over the store!

Again, just like rhinestones and bedazzled crosses, vertical zippers scream “I HAVE A GUN AND I’M TRYING TO HIDE IT!” It takes a lot to make a fashionable purse conceal carry friendly. As I have said in previous blogs, my purse is from Target. It wasn’t over $30. I like to be frugal, or as my husband says, “you’re so cheap!” Why, yes… yes I am, but we’re getting out of debt quickly because of this!

So, this purse! It’s complicated, but I’m going to do my best to explain how it works and how well a firearm can be concealed in it!

I love this lighter pink shimmer color! It’s a MICHE LUXE! The faux leather is so soft! It’s also the perfect size. This is the larger size, but they also have a smaller “demi” size handbag.

concealed carry purse

So how these purses work is this:

In the photo above, is the shell to the purse. The shells can be purchased separately and they have all the colors and patterns that you can think of!

concealed carry purse concealed carry purse

These two photo’s show the liner that goes INSIDE the purse shell! The black straps can replace the white ones to better match the shell! There are two holster options that are shown here. First, the velcro sticky holster (the black one). The sticky holster holder is velcroed to the side of the liner. This holder is made for a sticky holster specifically. Now, normally I can’t stand sticky holster. It goes back to my main complaint that tactical equipment is NOT made for women. The sticky holster is made of this grippy/sticky material that goes in between your pants and your skin and just “sticks” there. This is great in theory, but it demands a two-handed re-holster technique. However, if I’m injured, carrying my baby, or incapacitated in some way I will need to re-holster one handed! One handed is just faster, which is needed for a critical stress situation. In order to re-holster one handed you have to have a Kydex holster. So I am working on a way to incorporate my EDC Kydex holster into this concept.

The photo with the clips shows another variation of the holster that does NOT velcro to the outside of the liner rather. These clips hook into the liner itself and are hard to see, not invisible when the liner is inside the purse shell.

concealed carry purse concealed carry purse concealed carry purse

In these photos, you can see the shell without the liner in it, by the black flipped up the magnetic flap. In the center photo, you can see the liner inside the shell. Notice also how the magnetic flap folds over, securing the liner in place. In the third (right) photo, you can see when I flip up the magnetic flap and open the magnetic seal between the shell and the liner that you can easily and quickly access your firearm. I think this design concept is literally brilliant!

One thing I want to add is that you can keep the liner and use it with literally ANY shell. They have a multitude of colors, patterns, and fabrics!

concealed carry purse concealed carry purse concealed carry purse

Here are some close-ups of the size and structure of the bag In the third photo you can see how easy it is to access and draw my firearm. It’s safe to say that I may have just found the cutest AND functional conceal carry purse. I’ve never seen a design quite like this! It’s unique and very functional! This is definitely a game changer for those who purse carry regularly. I’m very excited to work with it and see how I can incorporate my EDC Kydex holster into it. The ONLY issue that I have with this purse so far is when I draw my gun, the sticky holster comes with it. It’s an added step that my Kydex holster doesn’t have. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, just another step that I need to train on. I will definitely be working to see what my Kydex can do here too!

Below is the contact information of the awesome lady that we used to get this! She’s the sweetest lady and knows all things MICHE! Please contact her if you want to order a purse! She will be delighted to help you find the perfect fit and walk you through the specifications of this weapons retention system! By the way, the price, because we all want to know. The liner and the shells are sold separately and I didn’t see a price point over $100 for combined! Not a bad price for a good, quality purse, with this type of concealed carry possibilities.

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