being those people

Being those people

July 26, 2016 1 Comments

Being those people:

Warning: this post is a rant. I rarely rant like this, but today has been one of those days.

Well, it’s official. I am, again, one of “those people”. My husband and I are “being those people”. I can’t tell you how infuriating it is to be one of “those people”. Especially when it comes to situations that just seem so common sense! You know those situations where all it takes is to just be an adult?

Our latest event where we were lumped with “those people” is showing up on time to an event. If you say you’re going to show up on time, then show up on time! If you can’t show up on time, then LET SOMEONE KNOW! Seriously folks, how difficult is that?!  If you volunteered for something and made a verbal commitment to be there. THEN BE THERE! Again, how is this something that’s not common sense?

It’s funny really. Others are upset that we call them on the carpet and are frustrated with their lack of their commitment and lack of common courtesy. Because it’s exactly that, it’s common courtesy. Sending a short text saying that you either forgot, or you’re running late makes a world of difference in your credibility as a human and as an adult. You know what else makes all the difference? Apologizing!

Being “those people” we get made fun of a lot. Now don’t mistake my frustration for throwing myself a lovely pity party. We don’t care to be “those people”, it doesn’t bother us; it’s just annoying. We get made fun of for interviewing our babysitters before we leave our children alone with them. WHY IS THAT NOT SOMETHING EVERYONE DOES!? If I don’t know the person well or personally, I don’t want to leave my children with them. How is that safe? How is this NOT normal? My children are my most precious gift! Why would I not take any measures I could to protect them? This is also why I carry a firearm daily.

Being in the business we are in, we naturally get a lot of people who don’t take security as seriously as we do. We’re totally ok with that! I think what bothers me the most is those people who again, poke fun, at us for taking it seriously. They’ll say things like:

“Guns will be legal forever!”

“Why do you need to carry your gun every day? That’s silly.”

“I’ll take a class when the crime rate goes up.”

“Nothing bad will ever happen in our little town.”

“I just don’t see a point in owning firearms.”

That’s all well and good and of course, everyone is open to their own opinion. That’s the beauty of America. I don’t have to agree with your opinion or views. I don’t even have to like your opinions or views, I can even be offended by your opinions and views, but that doesn’t make it necessary to belittle someone or call them stupid or make fun of them. We’re all entitled to our opinions!

The thing that sets us apart from in this area is that we don’t live with our eyes closed. We watch the news (which you can’t take as 100% truth anyway, but with a grain of salt you can learn of some overall situations), we do research on the history and the political events and we listen to those smarter than us. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where our country is headed. It’s always better to be prepared and never have to use your knowledge and resources than to need knowledge and resources and not having them.

Anyway! Rabbit trail!

Being “those people” isn’t a bad thing. We play the role very well! We really don’t mind being “those people” actually. What makes our hearts hurt is that others think of us as chicken little who’s yelling “the sky is falling!” Every time another terrorist event or a mass shooting happens.

We don’t think we come across that way, but we love our friends and family and want them to be prepared for whatever happens with our nation; good or bad. We want them to feel the peace and security that we do in this politically tumultuous time.

So yes, I guess we’re those people. We’re ostracized, we’re talked about and we’re not taken seriously.
That’s fine! We will be here with our eyes open, with our kids safe, with our family prepared and we will show up to our responsibilities on time. Because that’s the responsible adult with common sense does. We’re responsible. We’re courteous. We keep our commitments and our word. We’re ok with that.




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